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Hello, My name is Antony Augay :

I am a Real Estate Expert and Realtor® in Las Vegas.
I specialize in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, buying and selling, that is why I have chosen the city of Las Vegas, that is one of the city with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) in the world.
Real Estate is truly a passion, I enjoy finding the best for my clients, I always fight for them as if it was for myself, and  I love to see the smile on there faces when they got more than they expected.






Ideas Of Investments :

1)An interesting idea that this young investor had by purchasing a property for $40,000 and rent it to vacationers, he made almost $20,000 only after the fist year of renting it ! (Read Article)
2)Las Vegas special market situation combined with the actual very low interest rate has created a incredible opportunity for investors to buy properties with a loan, have there loan entirely paid by the renter and still make extra money ! (Read Article)

Contact Antony Augay now to do the same !

AntonyAugay-Las Vegas

  • I created a unique and confidential system for the calculation of the best returns on investment of almost all real estate in Las Vegas and surrounding areas for maximum return on investment!
  • I also have access to the famous  MLS list, Unlike other agents that will tell you to look for your house, Once I know what you are looking for I will actively search the best fit for you and send the best picks daily.
  • I am  fully dedicated to my client and will do whatever it takes to get her/him the best.
  • A safe city : Las Vegas continues to grow with around 10,000 new immigrant/month- It is the tourist capital of the United States with 38 million visitors/year – A steady decline in unemployment since 2011 and of course the entertainment capital of the world, a pretty safe place to buy or sell Real Estate.
  •  I do not discriminate against my clients, large or small budgets, I will always give you the maximum.

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Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, but the only way to become wealthy.” –Marshall Field

Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economizing” -John Stuart Mill


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