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Investment Techniques and Ideas !

CNN Money did not name Las Vegas the BEST city to invest and buy rental properties for nothing ! Las Vegas is on of the best place to invest in North America right now, and it’s not going to last long and here is why :


  • Les vegas is a secured market, the prices are already going back up, it’s recovery is one the the US’s fastest, unemployment rate is going down, Housing construction is going up, Population migration keeps going up, The tourism rate is stronger than ever, It’s a Landlord state with it’s laws based on the landlord not on the renter, wile it could take several month to evict someone in California it only take a few days in Las Vegas.


  • Las Vegas as one of the higest ROI (Return on Investment) in the world, it’s renting market is booming, the mediane prices have been going-up,by buying a house there you will receive a double income : a rent on the short terms and a property value that rises every month on the long terms.


invest in Las Vegas

This is the perfect moment to invest in Las Vegas


  • Also in contrast with Miami where the humid air rots houses, the dry air of Las Vegas keeps your house in good condition without a need for intensive maintenance.


  • Not everyone will have the chance to own a property in Las Vegas as the market is starting to change.


  • A modern city, with it’s top-of-the-art casinos, Hotels, and elegant night life a special feel that is no where else to be found.


  • Having a property in Las Vegas will give you the ability to be stay over-there for all the conventions happening there, and access to the newest technologies, the last videogames and all the newest stuff the world has to offer.


  • Renting you property over-there is very easy and comfortable, if you wish to rent it from an other state or country a property manager will take care of your property and every single problems that could arise with it will be professionally taken care of leaving you worry free.


  • For the Europeans, the situation is even better, with the recent rise of the Euro against the dollar – 300,000 is $412650 that’s 112,650 dollars gained for “free” just because of the spread between the two currency. (Calculated at the rate of 1.39 of 5/9/2014).



  • There is not a lot of places where 300.000 dollars will buy you 4 condos, home prices are really cheap, yet the rental market is booming, this is why so many investors are buying here.


  • Right now, Las Vegas is in an unnatural economic situation where it is cheaper to buy than rent! Logically this opportunity is not going to last long.

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