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Why choose Antony Augay

 First a little about Antony Augay :

My Name is Antony Augay but call me Tony, I was born in France and since my first job at age 15, I was saving my money to invest somewhere one day.

At 21 years old I realized decided that it was time to find a place to invest my savings, so I locked myself in my bedroom and looked for the best possible investment worldwide, it took me a hole month to figure out a list of 10 best possible investments, and Las Vegas was by fare the top of the list with an incredible return on investment for little money invested, I realized that with the low interest rates and small prices,even taking a loan to buy a property in Las Vegas would not just pay-itself but actually make me gain money every-month.

At first I had some doubts as the situation seemed too good to be true, but I remember what my father told me :“At the end you want to say ‘I am glad I did this and not ‘I wish I had done that'” so decided to take the leap and bought my  first property in Las Vegas, everything worked out wonderfully and a year later with the profits of the first property and hard work I bought an other one etc…

Buying and Selling these properties made me discover that I had a true passion for Real Estate, not just the investment but the actual journey of buying or selling a property, negotiating, finding the best Return on Investment, estimating value, previewing houses and so much more, a lots of my friends saw that I was good at Real Estate and told me to find them a house,  so I decided to become a Real Estate Expert.



Why should you hire Antony Augay as your Real Estate Agent ?

  • I give the best service to every clients, big or little budget, I do not discriminate.
  • Wile a lot of Agents will make you search for your own house (which I consider being very poor service), I will ask  you to tell me exactly what you are looking for, and find the home that best suite your criteria.
  • When it come to list a house I have a advanced marketing plan that I am pretty proud of and will guarantee your house to be sold fast and for a good price.
  • For the Investors and casual buyers I created a special system that allows me to calculate and find the best ROI (Return On Investments) available in the market, giving my clients a considerable advance on the other buyers.
  • I do not play soft on negotiation, I am here to get the best for my client and I will, a negotiation is a very important part of a deal that can save you thousands and i believe that it should’t be neglected therefore I created a very strong and advanced system for negotiation that I would be happy to show you.
  • It is important for me that my client doesn’t feel lost in the process of buying or selling a property, therefore I created a document explaining every step of the process of buying, Investing or Selling Real Estate, also I am here to explain them what I am doing and what we are going to be doing.
  • Financial Assistance is important which is why, if you require it, I  will put you in relation with trusted mortgage professional that will be glad to help you.
  • I believe in Honesty and Integrity and will not deviate from those principles.
  • A complete follow-up, I will not disappear as soon as the deal is done, I consider a client as a LIFE CLIENT and once we worked together I will always be here to help you, and answer your questions.
  • As I work with the English and French speaking worlds, I give my clients double exposure to sell there home, an extra 220 million potential buyers. (Mostly winter-birds from Quebec or French,Switch and Belgium vacationers or Investors). I have a french team in Paris,France constantly working on finding investors for my listings.
  • Finally Real Estate is a true passion to me, getting the best for my client is what I truly enjoy in life,  every client is for me a personal challenge, that I treat as if it was my own investment. My goal/favorite part is to see the smile on your face when you got more that you expected.


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